An analysis of EPCOT: “Classic” Era vs. “Modern” Era

This is a fascinating article by an E82 contributor who illustrates how well the attractions/features of EPCOT Center from 1982-1993 (“classic era”) and Epcot 1994-Present (“modern era”) meet the original mission statement of the park at its dedication.

Question time: Do you think Disney should permanently change EPCOT’s mission statement to reflect the current attitude of the park (more “Disney”, more “thrill”, less “informative”, more “present” instead of “future”)?  Do you think Disney will (or even can) refurbish the park to achieve the same balance befitting it’s mission from 1982?

I don’t actually appreciate the way the Spaceship Earth refurb has been left outside but maybe I’m just biased. Either that or the creator of this is hypercritical. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that’s what these charts really are, opinions.