why is there such a stigma about being the best self you can be before you enter into any friendships or relationships? i don’t want to buy into that anymore. i can be a complete mess and still be worth love. stop letting people tell you you’re not worth their time or attention, especially because it’s when you’re in a bad place. if they can’t help you find your way when you’re down, you deserve better.

This right here.

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wow the way Alexis Meade is written is not annoying at all

A trans character (played by a cis woman but at least not a cis man) becoming “straight” after transitioning and the whole “God”s mistake” thing bravo , people being “he-she-whatever” and refering constantly to her transition (although that last part can be seen as a society’s critique even if it seems more like a punchline or whatever) but hey it’s better than a cishet character. 


"straw-poc" "straw-trans" "straw-people". you’re basically saying that none of these people exist. you’re basically saying that these people’s opinions do not matter. tell me again how not-racist/sexist/transphobic you are pls

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